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The Grand Palace has been sold. We have sent the new owners our congratulations and offered them a proposal to maybe work with us to bring some big names to Branson on a consistant basis.

"60 Minutes" May 24, 1992
Branson introduced to the nation.

How do we get back here?

Still here, still trying to come up with financing. It has been 6 years now. Never thought it would be this long. If you get a chance goto the facebook page for the Grand Palace and talk about the $76 million dollar Project Branson.

te·na·cious adjective \tə-ˈnā-shəs\ :
not easily stopped or pulled apart :
firm or strong :
continuing for a long time :
very determined to do something

I had a gentleman from the FDIC call me this in my dealings with this building. Since August 20, 2008 I have had my eyes set for a purpose that only God knows to raise this building back to the splendor that only the Grand Palace can accomodate.

Many people may think I am nuts and that is okay but Branson needs this building. It is the only place that can bring in the acts on a consistant basis that can give the big names we need in this town once again.

Some feel like the tornado should have leveled it and we would have been better for it. Well it did not happen so it stands for a reason. I still believe that in America you can set your eyes on something and if you are determined some way or another that dream can be accomplished.

My team and I are working our entire lives around raising the funds to do the renovations and bring the jewel of Branson back to a working status.

From the time it was announced that it was going up for auction on the 21st of August 2008 my life has been wrapped up in creating a business plan and seeking investors to help us with this endeavor.

It has not been fun or easy and we have been turned down by alot of people including some really big name people. This does not deter us and we are still moving forward knowing that someone can catch the vision with us and help us to get to that place.

I know everyone is anxious as we are but wanted to just let you know that the fat lady has not sung yet and we are still working to bring this lady back to life.
If you have any questions contact